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The first issue of The Yard is the result of a collaboration among several individuals, some contributing in multiple capacities. Starting a newspaper from scratch during the summer rendered it impractical and undesirable to assign fixed editorial duties, so the following acknowledgements are meant to reflect the flexible and participatory nature of the initial process of conception and production.

BRAD BALLIETT creative advisor, contributor

DOUG BALLIETT creative advisor, contributor

HAN CHEN contributor

KAREN CUEVA creative advisor


NICHOLAS FINCH online advisor

MICHELLE GOTT contributor

ZACH GREEN contributor

ISABEL HAGEN backyard editor, coiner of “The Yard”

CRAIG HUBBARD contributor

MARIA IM creative advisor, layout advisor

PATRICK JONES copyeditor

MOLLY JOYCE contributor


BENJAMIN LAUDE organizer, editor-in-chief, layout designer, backyard contributor

VELLA LOVELL contributor

PATRICK MCGUIRE organizer, managing editor, online editor

JENNA POLLACK contributor

DAVID ROSS copyeditor

CAELI SMITH reporter, contributor


DAVONE TINES copyeditor

ROB WALKER contributor

. . .and all those whose creative efforts helped make The Yard possible, but who would prefer to remain anonymous.


The Yard would also like to thank Matt Sutter for generously allowing the use of his brilliant “Metro-Gnome” illustration, drawn alongside Kevin Cornell in July 2008 for thesuperest.com.


The Yard is an independent publication produced by an autonomous body of individuals made up primarily of current and recent Juilliard students; The Juilliard School is not responsible for its contents. All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Yard or the Juilliard student body. All images are used either in accordance with their respective conditions under the Creative Commons license, or with the expressed consent of the photographers. For letters-to-the-editor, or general queries, write to The Yard at theyardeditors@gmail.com.

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